blessings on you on your way

scraps of bright peel
orange and torn
littering (like tossed confetti
found the day after)
the white house steps
big stack (three) of joe’s warm tassajara pancakes
in emory’s hands
careful not to over-mix joseph says
that there are still clumps of flour
when i tell him about the rubbery results
of my only attempt at this recipe
the story of the luna moth that last night
landed (and stayed on) cole’s head
which is a huge wonder considering
they only survive in that form
for a week or less
cynthia and i in the herb garden
me in the spearmint,
her in the future tropicals bed
digging up the rewilded mess
and teaching me this song
we sing on repeat
sun’s going down
beauty is unbound
day to night night to day
blessings on you on your way
oh way oh
oh way oh

the two tiny nibbles of cheese i
leave in the garden shed
where ashby perches
on a cloud of row cover as i pass through
on my way to plant slicer tomatoes
while carrying my cheese and breadslice snack
in my palm
could get rabies
i overhear trish saying about

the bat emory and cole carry around on the weave
of a busted badminton racket
that came from the pond yesterday
emory with a pen to the calendar marking
the 18″ bass he caught this morning
in the pond with an excitement 
so exuberant he has made sure to show
everyone on the farm
post-bath, towel-wrapped
in a small high squeak almost-crying
(day-after exhaustion setting in)
about how he hates doctor bronner’s
because it makes him too cold and minty
how we quickly demolish a bowl
of trish-made popcorn
(with dill and other seasonings)
in the fort-sythia
whose leaves and branches
keep the light rain from landing
on us

the crispy edges of joseph’s tortillas
rolled out to an almost see-through thinness
and heated til they bubble on the flat skillet


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