the sweetness of this

the wild turkey
scuttling across the gravel road in front of me
as i pdeal through
how, like a plane, it runs on the ground
before lifting into sky
the ding! of the kitchen timer as alline
stands in front of the oven where
a batch of cookies rises into sweetness
in the oven as we take turns discussing
the rules/things we’ve internalized about
writing and where they came from and
which ones serve us and our work and which ones don’t
stephen says how he used the rules
from my writer’s workshop
in his class
(don’t apologize/make disclaimers for your work,
take risks,
try it on,
have fun)
the sweetness of this
all the black cars passing
as i pedal the curves and hills of highway M
mennonite men in the front seats
wearing their black coat, black hat sunday best
on a thursday which
the closed zimmerman’s store and the
calendar on our bulletin board tells me
is ascension day

hummingbird sighting  in the red/yellow
columbine blooms in the herb garden
reported by cynthia
the ting! tang! of the handle-less post pounder
as i drop it several times in a row
on each re-bar stake in north garden
marking where i lower the dahlia tubers
5 inches into earth
fulfilling the declaration/dream i made
so many years ago of
having dahlias wherever i live
the quietest puffs of oxygen
coming out of dana’s tank
from where she sits
at the kitchen table
emory at dinner calling the white bun
that transports the beef hamburger real food
which i follow up with pointing to my plate and asking
is this asparagus real?
this pickle?

ghostbusters! mo calls out across the orchard
in the copper tinge of sunset
at the sight of me donning what i call
the BT sprayer
(though trish does not)
filled with gallons of sloshing water
(1 gallon = 8.3 pounds)
and grasping the handle of the long nozzle
in my hand
from the water world:
Villagers from various Indian states shout slogans during a protest demonstration to highlight the water shortage across the country in New Delhi, India.
– voice of america, day in photos


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