to become

maple seeds helicoptering in their pods
down to me as i clip spearmint
in the herb garden
in order to dry it
in the solar dehydrators so we
can sip its essence
all year long
cynthia and i yelling
across the backyard at each other
about how ridiculously perfect
(the bright sun, the wind that makes everything around us kinetic,
all this green) today is
official graduation:
i carry the flats of tomato starts
from the greenhouse to an outdoor perch
getting that fresh air i exclaim
swayin free in that breeze
post-lunch on the porch we sip
pandan-infused water
after i share my story of it
(discovery at a thai restuarant in LA,
purchase at united noodle in mpls,
how they leaves traveled with me
folded into my bag until i tucked them
into the personal box
in the walk in freezer)
i fold and glue the page from the dahlia catalog
to become an envelope
for the mother’s day card
an offering of contradictions
from the book of southern vegetarian cooking
ty serves up ‘fried chicken’ (made of garbanzos)
and gravy
and cynthia and i joke about
turning it up
notch after notch
this is the first zipper i’ve ever sewn
i say
holding up the pouch made from
the re-used plastic cat food bag
under the kitchen light


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