bonnet surprise

in south garden as we
plant onions (tropea and red bull varieties)
and i am laughing so hard
tears are gathering in my eyelashes
while we come up with stupid ridiculous
ice cream names and flavors for our
hippy/mennonite themed shop
(bonnet surprise, dirty dog, dingle berry crunch, horse and buggy heath and butterfinger, compost swirl)
i say

curling in
at dusk
i trust you and your decisions
she writes

to be thoughtful and conscious
i do not say this lightly

on the first pulls
how the saw teeth catch
on the grains of wood
(of a sad dowel,
a rustic hockey stick,
several scraps that might be cedar but i’m not sure)
joesph showing me
the dry wall anchors as i
incrementally lean in
to ever-so-closely
finishing building the closet
(and, let’s be clear here,
closet is a sawed-off hockey stick
mounted to the wall and hanging
from the ceiling)

standing on five gallon bucket
on top of a chair as i
reach up and try best i can
do keep the drill at 90 degrees
drywall crumbles drizzling down
into my hair, my eyes

the put put put put put of
something, perhaps wine, burbling
in the karma closet
just outside my room

takes a psychic toll cynthia says
of the things we collectively
cleared off the back porch
out of the costume box
off the back hallway shelves
out of the office closet
from the water world:
People play on a beach along the Arabian Sea on a hot summer day in Mumbai, India. – voice of america, day in photos

A Sri Lankan man waters his vegetable garden cultivated on the banks of river Kelani in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Many Sri Lankans living in urban areas maintain kitchen gardens for their daily consumption. – voice of america, day in pho tos


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