so green it almost

how i ride
the long way around which means
i pass ted and bear on their bikes
headed town-wards
and can see what i think
to be bob walking through the field
and then there is new sky
opening over us on new land
which is so green / hill-rolly
(spring burst) so green
it almost hurts
live to the edges bruin says
of your energetic body

instead of saying it’s not working
you vacate part of your body
what do you need to do to keep
your arms, your legs

egg salad, egg egg salad we
spontaniously improvise
around the butcher block
before dinner
so pointy (sharp) i joke
about trish’s home baked crackers
we better be careful not to let them slip
off our plates
down the back road for
post dinner sunset walk
asby and gibbus (cats)
trotting after me
for the distance (mile, at least)
never, before, have i met cats who
go for walks with me
from the water world:

A boy floats in a pond to cool off on a hot summer day on the outskirts of Kolkata, India. – voice of america, day in photos


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