green glowing / when we emerge

beyonce singing pretty hurts
while trish and i undo
the office closet in the name of
deep clean
me culling stinky shampoos and her
sifting through garden paperwork
while baigz and joanna work it out in the jar room
and cynthia and arielle show the back hallway no mercy
and mo hits the herb and spice shelves
hum-singing: oooh it’s just me myself and i
solo rider til i die cuz i
got me for life
oooh i don’t need a hand to hold
even when the night is cold
i got this fire in my soul
on the drive to zims

on the walk up to the post office door
on the drive back home
on the walk down the highway
later i talk about
this anthem of independence
and how good it feels to carry
in my blood and
what it means about how i relate
to being in relationship

how i only notice the wild strawberries
off canada road because i duck into the woods
to pee before i hit the highway
and when i crouch down
i gasp with delight/surprise at seeing
their white blooms

about the sky:
everything is haze-covered,
like it could rain any minute
or liek it is raining somewhere in the distance
yet there are patches of clouds and not clouds
moving over
the bright yellow of trish’s sweater
against the pale but not quite pastel
sea foam color of her jeans
as we park/talk in sandhill parking spot
about commitments, marriage, wedding

the howl/hum/suck of wind
followed by the noise of hail
on metal door as heard from
inside the root cellar where we all gather
because our neighbor called to tell us of
a nearby tornado sighting
in the echoey underground
joe cranks the emergency weather radio
while mo and i pass around dried black currants
and emory calls jack up onto his lap
and when we emerge
the lightning snakes on forever
lighting up nightyard
night trees
green glowing hills and new leaves
how i sit on the porch for at least a half hour
watching the scraggles bloom and fade
in the east
in the north
in the south
feeling the draw/desire to climb the white pine
to hug myself to the trunk in its sway to watch it all but
knowing better
dirty johnny and frankie danger
we laugh and later laugh again
about johnny, frankie and joey
in our tough louiz voice


from the water world:
A child carries buckets of water as people wait to get drinking water from a donor’s truck at a village of Dala township at outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar suffers from drought and drinking water shortages in at least 10 regions due to the El Nino weather phenomenon.


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