tangling across sky

laughter in the future tomato beds
before the rains come
at the whip-like dandelion root
plucked from the soil in its entirity
yoga dance
i call

the thing i did this morning
triangles, warriors and lunges
to rihanna and justin bieber in my earphones
it’s all muscle memory jazz says
about how to roll on the banjo
it’s all muscle memory mo says
about claw hammering on the banjo
and then she plays
in sawmill tuning
the clucky hen song
in the dimming kitchen
barefoot in the hoophouse where
the stormy wind ripples through
the bright of lightning pulsing/strobing and
thunder let loose
in sonic strings tangling
across sky while i
winter collards from the future pepper beds
as mo pulls lambs quarters and chickweed
do raincoats ever really work i say layered
against the weather
ponchos she replies

the shiny green
of cilantro leaves
volunteer-sprouting up
through the mulch in the spring
hoophouse onion beds

the toad with the what seems swollen sticky outy tongue
taking cover in the clover as i dig
holes along the cistern for sunflower planting
egg salad, triple cheese spinach dip, chickweed pesto,
sourdough onion rolls, home-baked rye bread and toast points
plus quiche
this, i say, is the most decadent potluck

slipping into sleep under xmas lights
like how we’d do at
calle del arroyito
waking curled
teeth unbrushed and fully clothed

from the water world:

People relax after applying mud on their bodies to cool off on a hot summer day on the banks of the Kanchon Mala lake in the outskirt of Agartala, India.– voice of america, day in photos

A Serbian Orthodox pilgrim immerses himself in the waters of the Jordan River at the Qasr al-Yahud baptismal site, near the West Bank city of Jericho, as part of an Easter pilgrimage to the holy Land.
– voice of america, day in photos