above the roar

emory singing we will we will rock you
as he bounds out the door
after breakfast for school
at the writer’s table i notice
how many times i say reveal
but can’t help myself
from saying it again

the vastness of parts
and smallness of other parts nik says
the layout lends
(words on a ledge
he explains
lines as lace i think)
i howl at the hounds
crossing the highway
as a truck approaches
in the distance
in the opposite lane
me pedaling up sandhill road
stan on the tractor near the horse barn
how we both lift our arms
to wave above the roar
you say everyday communism
and i think of bread

reports of poetry being
read aloud in the ICE office
whilst waiting
biscuits baking at 450degrees
in the oven post-dinner
as something in the sky opens
and spills gold
so occupied with the pinks/oranges/golds
in the western sky that
when i catch the moon in the east
(smudged and pressed into crayola cornflower blue)
i gasp at its muted brilliance

soft wet of just rained on gravel road
underneath my newly re-strapped sandals
and though i can’t be there
for aleksandra’s release
i can go walking around this bend
along the treeline
under puff-pink clouds and
carry her spirit with me
small piece of maple-sweetened
rose chocolate broken from a bar
cynthia hands me as i face
the dusty shelves filled with dusty books
which are mostly in alphabetical order by author
but sometimes not
playing the hilarious game
where i read the back cover book description
until one of them cuts me off because
it’s too painful to listen to

from the water world:

A dead fish lies on a dried up part of Osman Sagar lake on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India.┬áSevere drought like conditions are affecting millions of people spread over 12 states across the country. – voice of america, day in photos


Indonesian youth stand on a grave as they fish at a cemetery inundated by floodwaters after a heavy downpour caused a nearby river to burst its banks in Jakarta, Indonesia.
– voice of america, day in photos