the simple and mighty magic

the baby (whose name i forget
but whose mama’s name is galia
and the very lilt of her voice reminds me
of soula)
a week shy of a year
plopped in the paths of the north garden beds
in awe of the dried pummy she turns
over and over in her hands,
the carpet of dead nettle she crawls into
towards her mama
we should make this a comedy show i say about

mica teaching me accounting
(where we laugh at how i lean way way back in the
office chair with a busted back,
or the capers of the busted keyboard with sticky keys, or
the painful amount of time it takes
for me to make one entry in quicken
[which is maybe exactly what it needs to be called quicken],

or mica doubled over in a wave of cramps
as it washes over her)
10-piece of chicken tenders with sweet and sour sauce
tyler fake-orders through the closed office window
while mica and i slog through
columns and numbers

pink shimmer of grapefruit pulp
after i peel back the second skin
matching the pink shimmer of my glitter shoes
kicked off while i tree-stump sit in the sun,
its glow and heat melting down the
number-crunching crunchiness
trish and mica blanket-lounging
with a grapefruit half and bowl of popcorn
in the backyard orchard
sun drenched

the long light of almost-sunset
as seen from the warmth of inside the greenhouse
where i carry flats of brassicas in and
cats out

trish lifting shirt to show
the newest update/progress
on her incisions (healing)
skin tissue reconnecting
with itself
one simple and mighty magic
we are made of
tough louey (tuf lu1z)
mica, ty and i joke in an east coast italianish fake accent
based on a just-invented character
inpsired by the words mica’s new phone number spells
hey, you’ve reached tuf louey
i can’t answer the phone because i’m
out opening cans of whoop ass
slipping off to sleep as moonstar

slips off to sleep too, curled/collapsed
in my arms

from the water world:
A schoolgirl is soaked with water thrown by an elephant during the Songkran Festival celebration, also known as the water festival in the ancient world heritage city of Ayutthaya, Thailand
– voice of america, day in photos

Turkish riot police use tear gas and water cannons to disperse Besiktas supporters trying to pass security barriers in front of Besiktas’ new stadium, the Vodafone Arena in Istanbul, before the Turkish Super League soccer match between Besiktas Istanbul and Bursaspor.
– voice of america, day in photos