in reaching hands

rummaging one by one through flats of
young collards and broccoli, toothpic in hand seraching
for aphids in the slowly warming greenhouse
all star cut! mark calls out after i
zoom diagonally into the endzone
to catch the red disc in reaching hands
the red cheeks on em and baigz’s faces
upon their return from the first night of
kid’s bow hunting (turkey) season –
a chocolate bar in their pockets to stave
off the hunger, belated dinner awaits cooling on
the back porch
mica noticing the white sandhill building
as seen from far off on the highway
(view made possible by not-yet-leafed-out trees/branches)
not sure which building but i guess hoophouse

rhythmic on/off click of hazards
(just in case i joke/explain)
in truck cab where i wait while em and mica
investigate the white shapes
of a deer skeleton off the gravel road
written-on popsicle sticks
facedown in the middle of the kitchen table
while we each hold hands of fourteen cards
hoping for twos and jokers
as stan teaches us to play sticks


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