in ink sky

trying to name what it is about wind
through a needled tree
(maybe something about air being combed,
while baigz and i go at the incredibly weedy
(mostly dead nettle) once-upon-a-time
peanut beds
it’s that time of season where we bring

5 gallon buckets to the gardens as we weed
to collect dandelion roots in

can we do anything i say about the
vulnerable blossoms on the peach/pear trees
wrap the lower branches in blankets,
pray says cynthia/mica

tyler walking back into the kitchen
smell of wood smoke threaded through
his clothes while the greenhouse
quietly heats on this early april night
whose temperatures are predicted to drop
to 23 degrees

on the kitchen sitting room couch
cynthia and i joking about harvesting a lentil
for dinner from its paper
elm seed pod husk


pretty sure
in all the moons i have seen
that i have never seen one like this before
lowering itself in ink sky (deep blue black)
thinnest sliver waxing
on the edge of the hint/shadow/glimpse (barely but clearly)
of the rest of the round mass
and how damn good it makes that evergreen rising
upwards towards it
while few stars flank
cutting sharp into the night

cobwebs tangling in hat
standing with my back against the warmth
radiating off fire brick
of the part of the chimney that travels
through the top portion of my room
from the water world:
A life jacket floats on the sea near the port of Dikili district in Izmir, Turkey, where a ferry carrying a second group of migrants deported from Greece was scheduled to arrive Friday
.  – voice of america, day in photos


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