the sky that pulls

in the dream, there were gila monsters
(at least ten) outside the bedroom back door
it was definitely the southwest
maybe debbie and liz’s place
the door opened in halves
i left the top half open, screenless

the overlooked envelope stuffed
with old photos (a treasure chest addition to
the recently paged-through albums) that tyler
discovers on the shelves in the living room

in the hush of the greenhouse while
the wind roars outside
i mix coir, sand and compost
building soilblocks and lifting tiny and
not-so-tiny young plants
(tomato, tomatillo, ground cherries, orange and pink cosmos, marigolds)
from their flats and drop them into fresh-pressed soil blocks
drops of rose absolute dripping into small glass jar
of cynthia’s homemade cream, i walk int the rest of the day
with rose emanating off my skin
how, when we take turns talking about scars,
only the chin scar (in two parts) comes to mind
but then i remember the stars burned into forearm,
the ladder of lines climbing my thigh
emory in his 10cent skirt
(blues, purples, whites and blacks)
in the kitchen before dinner talking about his
turkey hunting permit

cup-bowl of matzo ball miso nettle soup
steaming as i deliver it to trish
in her couch seat
the exchange of laughter after
mica flicks a ladybug off the table and it lands
on my leg

a light in the sky that pulls me westward
to the backroad which i speedwalk down to catch
just in time the molten mass breaking into the
clear strip between cloud cover and horizon
clean hanky dipped into bedside cup of tea
whose temperature is perfect for a hot compress
which i hold against the tenderness in the
left eyelid threatening to become a stye

from the water world:
Bangladeshi woman collects arsenic-tainted water from a tube-well in Khirdasdi village, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. A new report estimates that some 20 million Bangladeshis are still being poisoned by arsenic-tainted groundwater drawn from government wells. – voice of america, day in photos


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