wild violet sightings

and the day begins with
me on my mat yoga-ing in the recently inherited
cosmic burger & fries leggings

cynthia’s rice muffin recipe clipped
to fridge as i devour one and then
the half of another with my tomato soup
at lunch

with a glimmer in her eyes mica
reports wild violet sightings

bigass burgers we laugh/joke about
the bigass (veggie) burgers and bigass buns
tyler made for dinner

everyone gathering at window to glimpse huge
bird perched in garden shed peach tree
which turns out to be a robin

how when i close my eyes on the phone
with corinne i see a sea of dead nettle
(some with tiny purple flowers)
which i spent most of my hoophouse morning
honna’s name in sharpie on my
hand fading but not yet gone at
the end of the day

the bed-scuttling bug i squish
(which is what i never do with bugs)
thinking that it might be a cone-nosed bloodsucker
and how i say thank you and sorry
at the same time

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