the leaflessness

nix it and 86 it we laugh/joke about
the cat piss-smelling rug we roll up
just as quickly as we unrolled it
in the hoophouse

stripped down on top to
neon sports bra as i strip bark
from black locust timbers
laid out on the lawn

mica as seen from across the pond
standing in the apple tree in her
1980s color combo
(peach-ish shirt and light teal pants)
with loppers in her hands,
how the leaflessness of this
point in the season allows one to see
through the trees

palm-sized trish says of the cyst
with teeth and hair and bones

cynthia in the back seat next to me
as we head north and east
borrowing my orange chapstick
as balm for a popped blood blister
as the sun moltens the horizon
over our shoulders

spotting three deer out the right hand windows
on they way to kahoka and then
just beyond the small swell of a hill
twelve more appear
how we all ooh/ahh (which reminds me of
coming upon that megapod of dolphins
in that san diego whale watching ship)

i promise i won’t barf on your head if you
won’t barf on mine baigz says to em (who is sitting on
his lap) in response to his cracking open the window
in response to his tinge of car sickness

cole’s white-frostinged cake illuminated
by the flicker of 8 candles in roller rink snack bar
as we sing happy birthday to you
we’re so glad you’re alive
you’re a gift from the earth
bless the day of your birth

even though the ocean song is only
two lines (or four depending on how you
break it down) i can’t remember the words that
cynthia and i sang in the back seat as the moon
made a suggestion of itself via the orange glow
held in the clouds to the east


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