this bursting

the very white-white of
apricot tree blooms
some already burst open
some a bulge of roundness
almost but not quite unfolding
zoom-in moment:
standing under aforementioned apricot blooms
deep blue sky contrast in the background
everything paused around me
except the bees
hind legs thickening with
the gold of pollen
the quickness with which they move
from stamen to stamen
their work laid out in the form
of this bursting open

emory and trish’s
one-page foldtogether zine
called the book of jokes
which includes two fish jokes
and one pirate joke
and when we press it down
against the glass of the copier/printer
how the neon crayon doesn’t

never quite perfect
but never the same mistakes
trish says about
zigzag stitching the elastic
to the spandura
before we cut the two slits in it

the sound of cello
in the hour before dinner
lilting/humming through
cynthia’s closed door while i
sleep in and out of
nap sleep
song percussioned by mica’s coughing and
accompanied quiet in the background
by baigz’s horn


the way the light falls
a slice
through west window
upon the pot of mashed potatoes
as stan lifts the lid
whorls and swirls of steam rising
a word for (there is none)
the wonder of carrying other poeple’s poemsaround inside me
eggs, not yet hatched
sacred is one word
magic another
(a request for a poem on freedom
with the three details: ocean, desert, sky.
a request for a poem on the everyday
living in communism where full
human liberation is fostered by
social structures and social structures.
a request for a poem as a 50th anniversary approaches
and the tone is one of gratitude for the health
and happiness being lived into and how these things
go along to bloom in the others whose lives
they have touched.)
a word for how people say things about
feeling like the luckiest person alive
because of their lovers/life partners
and i over here with this royale typewriter
saying the same…
luckiest person alive to hold these
pre-hatched poemlings
in this ribcage
site of the universe within me
integrating with the internal universes
of others
this cosmic collision


from the water world:

Contractors continue work on Europe’s biggest floating solar panel array as it nears completion on the Queen Elizabeth II Reservoir near Walton-on-Thames in south west London.- voice of america, day in photos


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