bounce dance

it warms my heart emory age 7 says
about the 10-grain hot breakfast cereal
he samples a spoonful of
tasty tops we call the yellow
flowering tender bloomlets that we pluck
off the kale and bok choy as i harvest a
bouquet to carry up for lunch
collaging envelopes we stumble
across the image/ad for a
fruit cocktail tree
must be grafted we agree
(nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots
all growing off the same tree)
while in the other room
bell hooks and chrystos
tell it via video like it is
you shot my hair off i laugh/joke
about my lego persons hair falling off
in our lego battle where the blue yoga mat
is water and at the end of all that
maiming/shooting/death i say we should
have a game that is all about growingness and life

and for the first time
in the 40 years of my life i play
a game of tether ball
(taught by someone 33 years my junior)
and how i can’t help but laugh and holler
at that thing as it whips and swings
blustery for mid march
(blustery after all this warmth)
i ask emory if he thinks i should
bring/wear gloves to the great
trampoline assembly effort
and then we all bounce-dance
in celebration
of this finally-built thing
which is made for bounce-dancing
trish talking about the bean texture calling
attention to their lima-ness while i
recall/declare my love affair
last summer with these legumes


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