the blur of / the blooming

it’s been march 18th for the past
three days
i say trying
to figure out which day and date
it might actually be
a glance out loft window just
as the tiniest hail/roundest snow
starts falling/landing
lightly on rusted metal roof
trapped in hoophouse:
feral mama cat
jumping at the sight of this human
last seen six or more months before
news enough to announce
at dinner
due to prolific sickness
the kissing party
has been canceled
whereupon i consider the gravity
and hugeness of what it might mean
to, in the wake of a breakup, still stay
committed to that person’s liberation
thud of basketball dribbled
down gravel white road
while today’s third or fourth swirl
of forzen stuff drifts down
so sparse and light it leaves
no mark upon landing
in a video: the blur of orange fabric
(shirts) waved back and forth
in large gestures
in the hands of those detaiend
as seen through the narrowest windows
(from footage of the 200-person hunger strike
that took place last summer in
eloy immigration detention center
while those who stood in support)
held signs and waved back
this flourescent orange flaring
no matter how blurry or brief
a bloom of humans
reaching out to others
best they can through concertina wire
triple-locked gates
and constantly surveiled courtyards

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