throwing brightness

i like to hold those things for a while
i say sprawled out on the greening
grass under a technicolor puffcloud sky
(by those things i’m referring to
big news that sometimes blows in
from the southwest, but also
nebraska and sometimes the sonoran too)

co-conspire, co-create the world
we want to live in she says

the mole at the bottom of a five-gallon bucket
emory and ada show me
its long pink nose poking out of the
straw bedding tossed in

ashby and gibbous (gray tabby and orange tabby)
sitting statue-like, each facing opposite directions
a kindof mirror of each other in south garden
bed 16 while i weed and carve short furrows
to plant favas in the last five feet of the bed

emory, age 7, and his excitement at getting
to send the squeeze around the dinner circle
for the first time as cook
(on tonight’s menu:
roasted duck
salad with shredded daikon
chocolate chewies cookies
and skillet-fried potatoes)
mole magic trish says of how
within seconds of being released, this creature
dug itself underground – poof
like a cat climbing a tree i compare

half moon in mid-sky throwing its brightness
against parked car window which throws
the brightness back


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