due to light moving through

emory strutting
as if kitchen is runway
sharing/showing his fourth addition
in the animals-with-glasses series
(cat in top hat with glitter gold
bow tie and glitter gold glasses)
how we toss the stuffed-animal bat
(with shapeable/wired wings) around
taking turns who listens
mica says beauty and there is that
plastic watering can on the table
in view over her choulder
taking diffused light into its hollow
places, smudged with dirt,
becoming at least five different shades
(due to light moving through)
of green
when the worksheet asks what i want of
the world i write something like
that mutual care/aid for all living things
be the motivation/the force (rather than money)
that drives/guides all humans (and businesses
and governments) in all of their actions and decisions
i know this is emotional eating cynthia
says at the top of the stairs
carrying a popcorn-filled bowl
and i’m fine with that
hayyyyyy easter egg i call up the road
to trish and baigz
in their pastely colors
(trish in light aqua-ish jeans and
baigz in his lavender hoodie)
trish sprinkling cinnamon, cardamom and perhaps
some other spices i don’t note
into the small batch of
toasted seed/nut ball batter
she mixes with a wooden spoon
in a ceramic bowl
sharp hook of harvest blade slicing
through collard and kale stems in the hoop
house at dusk, quarter moon blurred and
yellowed by the plastic
tugged tight across the metal
that holds it up
what registers as the glow
of a firefly in the grass
(knowing better – that march is too early)
ends up being something
(a small spiderweb wet with dew?)
throwing the moonlight back up at me
as i walk past
from the water world:

  A Balinese Hindu priest makes an offering to a dead sperm whale washed ashore on Batu Tumpeng beach near Denpasar on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali – voice of america, day in photos

  Migrants cross a river, north of Idomeni, Greece, attempting to reach Macedonia on a route that would bypass the border fence. Hundreds of migrants and refugees walked out of an overcrowded camp on the Greek-Macedonian border determined to use a dangerous crossing to head north. – voice of america, day in photos


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