over the over

in the dream
i encounter who jen in LA calls the shyest
boy she’s ever met
he happens to be undocumented
and we are in the lobby of some gathering
helping ourselves to the buffet
and he is with his best pal
who is also undocumented
and near the end of the dream
we are both watching his pal run off
into a powdery lightblue landscape
chasing a train (rusted white cars)
that it doesn’t look like he’s going to catch
but he does,
jumps up on that very last car
and i don’t know how to describe the
camaraderie or sweet brotherhood between the two
perhaps somthing about bright light
like a cat in outer space
cynthia says about how
she’s experiencing life
as of late
mica and i take turns
turning the purring not-so-kitten-anymore kittens
to expose their bellies
and weilding the special
stitch-snipping scissors
undoing the tied tiny knots
that held the split of incisioned skin
together post-spaying
ashby the cat’s trot as he follows me
don the gravel of the back road,
donw the ruts and brush of old canada road
and up through the waves of fields
that we crest and dip into before
we arrive at the greenhouse where
i tilt geren watering cans over the over-wintered
kale and collards
wild turkey (bright red floppy thing
in the head region and dark feathers with
light spots) hurtling across
gold/yellow field as seen from
the cover of the overgrownness
we traverse
the shape left
by the press of deer hooves
in soft spring mud
that i squish-squash galosh through
first daffodil
pale petals unfurling
from sturdy green stem
splash of color in a
the softness of
rain-wet gravel road
under bright orange running shoes
as i range north then south again
on the out-and-back
on the back road
mica on the ladder handing
plants down to me (of the spider variety)
that i hand down to emory
who sets them on the home-made desk
part treasure chest, part time capsule
i reveal several cherished items
from the bin that has just been shipped
from the san diego shelf it spent
three years on:
dinosaur-print tie
dinosaur print pj shirt
the quiet click of the taped-on
dice and tiles
as mica, em and i
take turns playing
(sushizok im gockel wock
is the game’s name)


from the water world:

  Indonesian residents wade through a flooded street in Bandung, West Java. Thousands of people fled their homes as the Citarum river overflowed in Bandung regency. – voice of america, day in photos


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