of earth rising

full of questions because it’s been a while
since i’ve stacked wood you can call me rookie
i say but before i know it
there is just a feel to it
(when it nestles instead of rolls)
that i’ve gotten the hang of
(carry water, stack wood i think
handing the medium-sized pieces up
alongside tyler who hands the medium-sized pieces
up as well to baigz
in shorts and rainjacket standing
on the outside stack in order to build up
the inside stack next to it)
i gave my water to the goldfish
trish says when asked if anyone
has any water and next to me on
the couch-side table i hear the
underwater clinks of marbles against
glass as the orange and white
fish bumps around in them
not to reference my own session but
if i were in charge of everything
humans wouldn’t be killing other humans,
wouldn’t have built/wouldn’t be living in prisons,
wouldn’t be forcing people off their land,
humans would honor each other
would share resources with each other
would provide mutual aid
would honor land
and all the life it supports
positioning 50-gallon barrel
under the unhooked-up gutter
of the horse barn and the sound
the drips make landing at the
bottom of soon un-empty barrel
sometimes squatting sometimes hingeing
at the waist as i separate
dead nettle from collard
leaves, the earthy smell of earth rising
from where my dirt-covered fingers rake through
the ping pang of slight rain
landing on the dome of the upside down
stainless steel bowl i carry over to
karma this way because it will soon
be filled with hot popped corn
whose destiny is to not become soggy
the pieces stan says about
the hand carved wood chess sets
that now sit in a trunk at the bottom
of the ocean after civil war broke out
in the african country (the name of which i now
can’t recall) he visited back in the 80s
(or earlier)
were carved to look like huts,
like chiefs and chieftesses and
medicine doctors

live brightly this season i read
the inside of the dove chocolate wrapper
from the baggie of snowflake-design-wrapped
chocolates gifted to emory
by dean, our tractor repair genius who once worked
for allis chalmers and then john deere and whose overalls
smell strongly of laundry detergent and
whose kindness stretches
across city/town lines
and whose rural missouri drawl is drawn out


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