how can this not feel like victory

not quite cooing
but something like it as i
tilt green plastic to shower
the sproutlings that have pushed
their way through soil
(kale, cabbage, broccoli)
how can this not feel
like victory
women are not allowed
to stand on scaffolding because
they are literally not allowed
to be higher than men

cynthia says in the unseasonably warm
sun at the picnic table where
we all feast on mica’s naan
the dark side of bhuddism she says
and when they are physically assaulted
it’s called karma

this spring’s
first baptisming,
clothes shed into a rumpled pile,
body catapulting off dock
splash of skin meets water
its cool edge slicing through
my human heat
i’ve made an agreement with myself
i tell mica from my desk perch
to leave nothing on my desk
so that it feels like a space
of possibility

would read kids books under
this moon with you – tho tonight
we’d probably need a headlamp,
or could just set the books aside
and read each other
i write acknowledging
the pieces of rlw that have traveled
so far with me – and then the song lyric
mebbe we could just be aunties…
maybe we don’t have a format for what we dream of

how i can’t listen to this song
and not think of
ajo desert
colors of pink and purple and green
and how they lay against each other
not muted and not flat and not pastel either
but some kind of relative
(perhaps powdery. talcum)
cannot listen
and not think of alyn
and how, though she grew up a northern
california hippy, she carries this desert
on her skin
in the not quite muted/flat/pastel colors
of her clothes
in they way she just moves through
with ease
shimmer of mothwings
at night window while
owl calls rise and fall
under stars cut into
the curtain (blue velvet) of sky


from the water world:

 A woman puts flowers into the sea to pray for victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, northern Japan. Japan marked the fifth anniversary of the disaster that claimed some 18,500 lives, flattened coastal communities and set off the worst nuclear crisis in a generation. – voice of america, day in photos  

  A man wades through floodwaters in Hammond, Louisiana. Torrential rains pounded northern Louisiana for a fourth day, trapping several hundred people in their homes, leaving scores of roads impassable and causing widespread flooding. – voice of america, day in photos



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