when it comes to farewellings

stan and i paused
by the hives
he checking on the bees
hauling in all the tree pollen and me
dragging the busted hockey stick, the
done-for cork board, the empty dog food bags
to our little landfill
a few fingers held
to ashby’s throat to feel
whether or not
he is purring
akin to running in a row of treadmills
alyssa, trish and emory lined up
in buckskin booties
MIA bumping out of the boom box
hands holding onto the backs of the leopold benches
while their feet and legs dance the rice
and off to the side
baigz and kris swirling
the rice around in the big flat pan
with what looks like (and probabl are) oars
over the flame
like this i show pocket
the fork trick
for juicing citrus
loving how any moment i
pass this move on
it will forever be in honor
of sweet soula in her
warm kitchen
home no matter which building it’s in
you win, body, you always do.
that’s why i love you – me, speaking
to my body about the soreness in my
forearms from those parts of yesterday
that involved carrying things
(some heavy, some awkwardly shaped, some bulky, some light)
balmy enough
that june wore her
light cotton button-up (my favorite)
and sandals
to potluck tonight
(in which the inadvertent theme
is lentils
with a little bit of deviled egg
on the side)
practice saying goodbye she says
about the inadequacies of language
especially when it comes to


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