even just that palm tree was beautiful

it’s contagious i say when hannah
rises from her desk seat to
waterfall (bending at the hips)her upper body down
saying watching you stretch
makes me want to stretch too

marceles, the boy with the sweet flat top,
spells out his name and later
we pin black curtains together
which is one repetative step of many
in the converting-a-church-to-a-theater
how the yellows, golds, oranges and pinks
flake off of the gigantic hand-knit ramen squares
that linda, esther and i thread
onto bendy pipes on the second level
of the blue note theater
wherein a theme song plays
to a city on the other side of the while
edged by sea and sky
while those hoping to climb over and make it
one of these times look on
as these lyrics rise
from someone’s phone:
and i will always love you
aren’t we all just tough guys
looking for the perfect dress

joseph says as he and trish and i
wait in a columbia-sized throng
at ninth and broadway
for the light to change
this is what it’s like
to work at google
i say
spooning goldfish crackers into my hand and turning
a penny with the crank in the gumball machine for a
handful of m & m’s after playing
a short round of ping pong with trish
acid washed taylor says to which
my response is nah uh
like a bridge over troubled water choir rehersal heard
from down the hall of the church lobby
before we go wait to queue for the movie that
none of us can agree upon
even just that palm tree was beautiful
joseph says about the opening shot of
shannon michael shannon michael john
while the click of my boot heels on
sidewalk gives us a rhythm, a tempo,
a percussion to move to


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