the idea of each other

two cast irons and one pot
placed on woodburning stove
reheating lunch while heating the room
the broken splinter-handled shovel
with which i dig a shallow hole
in less than ten minutes
(which means it is shallow and i try
to cast a protective barrier
from digging creatures)
and lower the body of the
many-blued jay in
contemplating this cycle,
this becoming earth

wherein trish tells me about the low-flying
geese migration (so close you could see
their feather patternings) that
lasted for at least three hours
she edits her to collaborate on a project together
to to collaborate together towards visions of a
better world

what ways we know the idea of each other
she says and what ways we know each other
as we actually are in the world

i’m pulling over to make out with you
she says from one time zone over
where i am carried in an earpiece
under a helmet while she
pedals towards casa mariposa
unnamed phenomenon: the feeling that, even though
you’re speaking form personal experience, that you’re
not saying anything that people didn’t already know
even when it is about the profoundness of
what the desert and its migratory creatures taught you
two small spoon scrapes off
trish’s free birthday ice cream at sparky’s,
bottom scoop: cake batter
top scoop: spicy lime honey
relevant hairstyles tim says the name of the band
which i can’t stop turning into a running joke


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