letting light in

forsythia branches crossing over us
hatched – letting light in like
light through lace
while emory saws and lops off branches
of what i later call
the fortsythia

working the soil block mix
like bread dough i lean
my entire body into it

moonstar the still-kitten cat
seen opaquely from underneath,
her paws padding up the greenhouse roof panels
which underneath  i drop seeds
into their soil blocks
(two varieties of cabbage: murcof and caraflex,
four varieties of kale: vates, red russian, white russian, and rainbow lacinato)

rutty road in shades of brown and gold
underneath me as i press/pound on
towards creek bridge and away again
in this sometimes made-of-lead, sometimes
made-of the lightestness

toasted hazelnuts on top of
baigz’s not-too-sweet brownies (that he
cracked earlier today) which i
dollop with left over fresh whipped cream
and sprinkle with triplespice
(cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom)
gathered in a pinch of fingers
from the tin that traveled with me
for the past three months

something upsetting happened
so her cellmate gave her a hug
and a guard walking past saw
so they each got a month in solitary (for hugging each other –
the prisoners aren’t supposed to touch)
trish tells me of fran locked up
3 hours from here

tyler as conductor, trish as baton-tosser
baigz on trumpet, joseph on sax and emory on trombone
playing the go! fight! win! song after dinner in the kitchen

in the dim of the moonless night,
though i can’t see, their sounds give them away:
shriek-honk of traveling geese high overhead
plus owl calling off in the distance