sequester the secret

silkiest/sweetest (but not too sweet) meringue
(the kind of meringue that makes me realize
i never even desired meringue until now) on top of the
passion fruit tart
ami and i pass back and forth
amid the clatter and buzz of
tables at the midtown global market
a cape for you ami pronounces
draping the flow of cast-off fabric
(shiny/purplepink) over my shoulders
and fastening it at my neck
nastalie and i, inspired by her
co-worker and officemate, drop and
do ten push-ups each
in the entryway of the gallery/intermedia
art space
how’s your heart she asks and a
swell of appreciation follows
for all the ways my friends, scattered across the states,
up and down coasts,
phrase/frame their thoughtful
how has your year/travels been questions,
knowing sometimes words fall short
but offering the asking gesture anyway
which i do my best to answer and offer back
ami’s meditation music
lifting up and emanating out
from one room over while i
triangle and reverse triangle
plow and half wheel
warrior one and peaceful warrior
on the teal mat that gina has observed
has seen better days
madix and i in boots and tennis shoes
racing to mailbox and back again,
playing the guessing game before we
pull open the box
about how many pieces of mail (if any) await
like the first trimester
i sequester the secret
finalist status (next step: interview)
carry it inside like a little growing thing
while taking johanna’s lead and saying
is going to turn out better
than i could possibly imagine

(and on top of that, letting it sink in:
taking this year’s instances of finalist
as a signal that the world is
just opening itself up to the idea of
me/my work)
a sortof strobe:
the headlamp on the head of a six year old
its light tossed back-forth amongst bony branches,
into ice-crystal snow for fossil closeups and
into the tree-thick woods and out again
while madix, ami and i
make our moonlight-less moonlit journey
along the trails of
sunfish park
i muted you i mean
i muted me
i say
about an accidentel button pressing
on the pink flip-phone
two sections into your read-aloud essay
before i describe the red/maroon walls
of the room i am in
factory of fun we call it and laugh
about what if it really stretched
from here to there
obsructing freeways
and so on