the orange and white striped barricade signs
that those of us who have flocked to the falls (minnehaha)
today climb over to make our way
down snowmelt/icemelt stairs to get
as close to the frozen falls and
mini iceberged creek as possible
icicle stalactite clusters
solid white and almostblue in
the nooks/crevices between them
the mississippi
its dark winterslow water and the
notch out of its bank
where minnehaha creek flows in
small flecks of snow gathering
as they land on pink fleece and black tights
while we walk over frozen mounds
of grass/mud ground
even though i lived here for a short time (continuously)
i say it’s such a grounding/good feeling to still know
and hold parts of town (streets, businesses – some of which are no
longer open: the riverside cafe, north country co-op, adiis ababa)
and the stories they carry
a certain lack of the kind of disconcerting amnesia
i have with other places i’ve lived

i stitch in this flourish (i miss you)
at the end of our conversation
connected by satellites from taos to minneapolis
in which i say those (dreams) are yours
(re: home) and they’re going to happen

the joke of how all these 90’s board game pieces
(the beeper from taboo, the card holder from guesstures)
are nearly the same color as eamon’s shirt
thereby creating a hilarious camo/disappearing affect
real people doing imaginary things amber says
in order for us to guess the word actor
which later becomes some kind of tag line
in the eve of the buzziness vs. the linoleum dispatchers
the delight on caitlin’s face as she
recalls amber’s halloween snack spread:
a bowl of guacamole arranged to resemble
a melted witch, for instance,
salsa made to look like the bloodspill of
a busted-open head etc.
it’s become a bit of a habit i say
about the hot water bottle as i
stand by the kettle whose water temperature
slowly climbs


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