the vastness

waking in time to catch a lake-side skyline out
the window, thinking we are arriving
only to recognize the tall
balck building with two white antennae as
the rareness of this recognition in flight
the vastness of lake michigan
and how even from the air
it doesn’t have an ending
aerial view of ice on the great-lake surface
how it appears as slivers of broken glass
in some parts and as thick chunks of mini-icebergs
in others surrounded by the noise (texture) of
wave ripples
sometimes capped white
thermometer read: 99.0F
to accompany the ache blossoming
in my joints and bones
got it all on clearance chris explains
the bounty of valentine candy
we pass around after dinner
including gummy roses and mini cupcakes
swirled with pink and white frosting
izzi’s sleepy surprised face
when i go to surprise wake her
from her respite in this
pre-performance hecticness
for dinner
the strawberries the boys (isaiah and eli)
sliced arranged on top of their dinner salad
sweet and bursting
the ping and pong of
plastic ball on table top
where isaiah and i keep score
with the plus/minus buttons
on our paddles
while eli curls up on the floor
a pillow underneath him and a
blanket on top
the shadow mom notices/exlaims
about the light the swelling moon
casts in the driveway as we load
left over dinner into the trunk
on doneswood
i truly support/appreciate
your savoring ways
she says
when we discuss
how the poetry scavenger hunt
can be spread out
poem by poem
perhaps even line by line
visit after visit to the stacks
of the poetry center
you’re an adult she reminds me
which is a good mantra to carry around
in this place of my childhood


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