of the giants we call

zero deggrees yesterday
and twenty degrees today

says mom’s voice on the phone message
spoken in milwaukee
about the days’ highs
holding palm to moss patches
draped on branches of the
giants we call trees
as we walk under/beside/along
rainwater dripping onto palm
brown with red/orange edges
salamander (or is it newt?)
crossing the wet path
on the short loop of a trail
that sometimes follows the creek
and its baby, a tiny tiny snake-looking creature
which i first mistake for a twig
how long it has been since
surrounding myself by these tree-giants
and how it tugs my heart alive
to stand near them
blessed by their quietpower presence
the resonance (part gong, part chime)
of shannon’s rose-metal water bottle
when it comes into contact with other objects
such as a chair or door jamb
c’mon scorp, level up i chide/jest
when gina says she doesn’t get jealous
how we move
the square table under the light
so we can each take a side
fitting pieces of the 550-piece puzzle
into shape
and how we joke-sibling-fight
when it comes down to the last empty patches
filling in
reaching and leaning
throwing shade
and trying on endings of words in
various languages we don’t knwow so we make up
grasping at the waves and snowcaps and
yellowflowers that remain
white opal card
pulled fromn jelly’s stone/gem deck
connect with guides she reads from the booklet
clear up negative self talk
accept yourself as a creature
who is deserving of all kinds
of love

the sound of moving water
that fades in
when the sound of the wall heater
fades out


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