woven through

first/only lizard to show itself here
seen while hanging laundry
how it lies, sunning on a ripple of gray fabric
on the ground
yellowy with green/gray flecks
drip of water blooping
back into tall pot on the stove
falling from the bottom of the stainless steel lid
just-scrubbed potatoes
lined up to dry on concrete
dark red skin turning lighter
in sun as it dries
that means you’re worth a man and a child
jane says/laughs after we tell her
we’ll be trading joe and emory
out for me at the train station
in flagstaff
by late night on the mesa
i mean 6:30
i laugh
as trish mixes the two-grain corn flakes and rice crisps
puppy chow ingredients (including the
secret special feature: hot cocoa packet
with mini marshmellows)
in a big silver bowl
wherein we use the word babe
instead of peel for our three rounds
of sugar/chocolate infused/fueled
sugar-highed we decide the doc film
(that this three-person crew will make)
will be about the conflict of djembe josh
wanting to play every drum circle on the planet
and how that bumps up against the original topic
of the documentary which is
about how the film crew
came to be
keith and i unloading 5-gallon buckets
filled with water
lidded and sloshing
from the back of harry’s blue ford and line them
up in stacks along the living room
and kitchen walls
rhythm/screech/squeak of metal pail
singing against trunk
in the wind
the silver threads woven through
jennavee’s head scarf same
as the silver threads woven through
my orange neck scarf
and something about her build/shape
the creases in her face
the unsmiling but not unwarm quality
draws me in


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