the wet sheen of road laid out before us

(please note, due to being written on a kindly loaned smart thing, the usual format may look slightly different than the usual.)

throwin peace signs and raised hands

out the opened back seat windows

as trish stands up through the sun

roof while  stan, mica, Cynthia, Tyler, joseph, and Emory

send us off with trombones trumpets tambourines and a pink yellow orange ridged  tube that whistles when swung in the air in circles

gift #1: the star card

pulled from the deck in the car on our way out

the most hopeful card in the deck trish says

and she lays it on the dashboard next to baigz’s eight of bones

and her ace of feathers

so glad trish or baigz says in the front seat

which leads to me singing

i wake to the light and the beauty around me

i wake to the light and say so glad you found me

soooo glad sooooo glad

which we all join in on for a moment

and then carry

resonating in me

gift #2


that would work as a knuckle tatt I say

of junk yard which reminds me I forgot to tell mica

the same of chainsaw

rolling through Kansas on I-70

drizzle on the windshield

the entire sky the same gray

just closer in some spots and further in others

and a handful of bare trees whose toppest

branches are adorned with the last gold leaves

fluttering but not yet letting go


wherin we substitute lard for lord due to

a mention of lard candles

and then we sing this song

i saw the light, lard

no more darkness 

no more strife

praise the lard I saw the light


that’s not funnely I pun

about baigs saying

there’s a funnel cloud in this Kansas sky

we are rolling under


you can take your time 

i tell baigz as the rain begins

to pummel the windshield

rendering our visions blurred


kansas treated us right trish says

as we cross over into colorado

under a seriousl WTF sunset cloudshow

accompanied by the wet sheen of road

laid out before us


i call her unicorn and thank  her for the road magic

reporting: for a while, we were the storm

and then a rainbow broke us open 

right across the gold -plated prairie

where kansas and colorado meet


i went to three  thrift stores 

and none of them existed 

trish says about the outdated gps and

life without a smart phone



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