call out to support humanitarian aid for migrants


dear dearest readers,

this december, i’ll be carrying out a month of humanitarian aid for migrants in arizona at the edges of the mexico/u.s. borderlands through no more deaths/no mas muertes. i’m calling out to pals and comrades (that’s you, reader!) or friends of friends whom i’ve not yet met to help support no more deaths and the work it does by sponsoring my month in arizona with what little or a lot you can. your contributions (small or not so small) is gargantuan in its gesture of care and support and resource-sharing. for real. here is the fundraising page where you can read more about the organization and where the donated dollars go. why does this matter? Since 1998, 2666 people have died crossing The U.S./Mexico border in and around the Arizona desert and No More Deaths makes efforts (hauling bottles of water and cans of food to remote locations and providing whatever medical aid possible) to reduce those deaths and alleviate what suffering they can.

if you have the resources and this calls to you,  please please please donate (dollars, or a few in-kind donation requests listed on the fundraising page). anything at all really does help!!! and also please please please, share and post this link anywhere you can.

with more love and gratitude than you may ever be able to imagine, thank you.


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