the field we trespass

round bales of hay
scattered across the field we
trespass, steam rising from each one
in the early light
which also highlights
the little puffs of web
wound around tips of grassy/flowery stalks


i’d like to leave light
gigi says about a possible departure
as we walk down
county line road wherein
both of us go further than
either of us have ever been on this
particular path


two white tails bobbing
down the road
we watch in awe/delight as those
thin-legged creatures prance-leap their way
across our horizon view


how today’s sun
(bright in the balmy warmth)
brings on the urge to move to the edges
and pockets, exploring before
the cold returns


dawdling i say when cynthia
asks what i’ve been doing
on my slow and late way to lunch

teacup of ice cream with
chocolate chips mixed in
taken down the path to karma pond
where i spoon the cool sweet cream
into my mouth while gazing out
at frog ripples and new views revealed by
the dropping of leaves

your’e the cake on top of the cake
i exclaim to sole about our
upcoming reunioning


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