we orient ourselves sunwards

my breath and meg-the-dog’s breath rising
as the sun rises
over the frosted surfaces of
grass and leaves

computer-printed sign on neon orange paper
taped to the white-painted cinderblock wall
of the basement/lower floor of the
scotland county courthouse
that reads do not talk to inmates
outside a door that doesn’t really look like a door
(some kind of metal and also
painted white
with a rectangle of
metal mesh that doesn’t really look like something
that sound could pass through
at the top)

blue wire mini-basket
on the one desk at the licensing office
with a sea of peppermints
swimming inside

alyssa, baigz and i
spooning our consolation prizes
(pharmacy ice cream)
into our mouths
while we orient ourselves
which means two of us on
the same bench of the picnic table
and one of us on the ground


snafus i call them
(them being the things
that prevent baigz and i
from procuring our licenses
which was the reason
for today’s trip to town)

a clearness to the sky
that deepens the blues and
highlights the silverness of cloud whisps and swirls and
sets the stage
to the south and west
for a small patch of rainbow
to appear

from the water world:

A SUV drives over flooded White Oak Bayou in Houston, Texas, USA. Precipitation was expected to intensify over the weekend as moisture from tropical depression Patricia, which struck the Pacific coast of Mexico as a very powerful hurricane, meets with a storm system coming from the west and over Texas
. – voice of america, day in photos


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