everything that grows

the way the gray brings out all the
colors of grass, branch and leaves
and how the windows
frame it all as the day mists on

visual symphony of drips
syncopating their way from corrugated
slant of metal wood shed roof edge to
rain-wet ground
how mica spies the autumn olives and i
clean the branches of most i can see
and carry a palmful of astringent sweet orange-red beads
the rest of the way home
as the borrowed boot rubs
my ankle raw andhow mica plucks and snacks selectively

tall path-arching/bending grasses
transferring their droplets of gathered rain-mist wetness
onto the cotton of my clothes
that quickly absorb the gift
selfies in which we
tuck our faces into the
barrage of changing-color leaves
and maybe it’s about the photos
but maybe it’s even more about
how we make ourselves laugh
in the rise-fall of those
missouri prairie golden rollings
at the edge of the transition
where everything that grows
dies/is dying
and we are alongside it all
dying too
only at a different timing/pace

i’m leaving now before it will turn instantly dark
mica says, jar of dried apple snacks
held in her hands

crinkle of secret we miss frankie note
(black and blue ink with hearts on white paper)
tucked into the zippered pocked
of the once-ransomed now-liberated hoodie

in candlelight
listening to christa tippet interview
jean vanier who paraphrases aristotle:
…the difference between being admired and
being loved
admiring people means you
put them on pedastals
loving people means you
want to be near/with/around them

and his own words:we are very fragile in front of the future

and her words of his words:
we have our weaknesses/limitations/etc.
(that don’t all show on our bodily surfaces)
that make us recoil when they appear


and when i hear the word disarming
while i arrange my trunk and limbs
to be under as much of the stove-heated water
in the barely-filled tub
as possible,
everything comes into focus including
the vague tree silhouette/shadow
against the vaguely legible night sky
as seen from the naked and reclined position
from a window that makes this
a tub/bath with a view

thin veil of clouds drawing themselves
quickly across the swollen moon
giving the illusion of
moon racing across sky rather than
clouds swiftly drifting


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