fire weather message

too cold to be barefoot
but i  yoga that way anyway
on a platform by the treeline
where the winds tug at acorns
and pluck them from overhead branches

fire weather message posted
on today’s national weather page
naming the high winds and
unexpected warmth as
potentially dangerous in a flammable manner

on tap trish says
pointing to the hot flow of sorghum
from the steam pan
under which we hold our cups
of softening vanilla ice cream

like an avalanche tyler says of the
fresh pummies (fly haven)
we climb up on
to pose

trish points to this place
on her throat introducing
the glottal stop

sorry to dust you mica calls out
form passenger window on whoerle road
where i cease pedaling to pull over in
the thinmoon after-dusk light

the joy of placing a tangerine
on the table next to a small glass
of three frilly marigolds
same color as the citrus skin

it’s more of an idea of a place in my head
than an actual place i laugh with amber
as we discuss l.a.


how we have entered those few days
of the year that are ladybug-laden
how they slumber in the same rooms as us
in a last gasp against
the inevitable frost

from the water world:


Residents cross a swelling dam due to rising waters brought about by Typhoon Koppu, in Las Pinas city, metro Manila. Typhoon Koppu swept across the northern Philippines, killing at least nine people as trees, power lines and walls were toppled and flood waters spread far from riverbeds, but tens of thousands of people were evacuated in time. – voice of america, day in photos


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