this small soft life

cinnamon toast cereal
(twice as much in one bag!)
in a bowl of homemade yogurt
the goodness of something so good and
the wrongness of something so bad

how these days
when the right wind hits,
a gust of white dust
is picked up and carried over
the gravel road it came from
we are in a drought trish says

chris in the seasonally appropriate
orange and black tshirt asks
to look at the lima beans
(reverend so-and-so variety)
i spent part of the meeting shelling
which are a stunning
pink/red with darker
pink/purple lines and splotches

moonstar the kitten
pouncing/playing with what i guess to be a grasshopper
but based on further investigation
is the tiniest mole/vole on the planet
this small soft life
its heart booming to the edges of its skin
cupped a crescent in trish’s palm
hotter than a hot tub
colder than a cooler!!!
the kids and i call out about
the pond water (50-some degrees?)
we jump into the cold-cold sacrament
under vast sky
surrounded by fall color falling

in the sally army bins mica manifests
blue wool sweater
in someone else’s (mine) size

trish and i laughing
post-dinner at
the legend of lil ruckus
bringing an aggro man who
was about to beat him up
to tears simply by singing
i love you over and over and over
as the crowd joined in too

intention #1:
to take the truth of this statement into every cell i am made of
and to live into it
(the statement: none of us are any more or any less than anyone else.)

intention #6:
to do the work (and be gentle along the way)
in order to allow myself to walk through that
shiny/crystaled/glimmery corridor called transformation,
whose raw gems may razor my skin open
and this skin will show me
what it can do so well: heal
the coyote calls
spreading across darkness
of new-moon-night while
meg and i assess
what the bones and bottles tell us

from the water world:

A boy carries buckets to fill with water from a public tap amid an acute shortage of water, on the outskirts of Sana’a, Yemen. – voice of america, day in photos


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