for the dreaming

baigz stoking the outdoor kitchen rocket stove fire
while trish pre-emptively washes
the dishes i’m not yet done with
and blames it on the coffee
bits of hazelnut shell projectiling themselves

across front porch
despite being shielded
by baigz’s cupped palm
as he cracks them

mica unpacking
boxes of workgloves
whose brand the boss
is emblazoned on each
which is ironic and hilarious
for this places where
it seems safe to say that
the one thing we each have in common
is that we don’t like being told
what to do

ripped off the scab is the metaphor i use
i went into the weekend carrying that i say
and i came out of the weekend without
the weight of it


how this photo
(The Amazon rain forest (R), bordered by deforested land prepared for the planting of soybeans in  Mato Grosso state in western Brazil. – voice of america, day in photos)
brings about the same kind of ‘capitalism/humans suck’ response

as when liat mentioned something about
how 40% of elephant deaths
in chunk of time whose measurement i don’t recall
are due to
the slaughter of the sweet swaying giants for their ivory

proud tyler says of the typewriter poems
others moved to tears almost moving me,

this is the healing trish says
to which i respond with something
about how i can either drop twenty bucks
to submit my manuscript
which will most likely get rejected
or i can go out and write a poem
for someone who wants it,
someone who says this is exactly what i’m looking for
and win

tossing dried
reverend so-and-so’s lima bean husks
onto compost which stirs up
a black/blue/orange-winged butterfly
who lifts and flits past
inches from my face

it forms me
i tell hawthorne

about lake michigan waters
who was born along the opposite shore
of the great lake that i was born near

sprigs of mugwort tucked
beneath blanket / on top of pillow
for the dreaming
trish walking through kitchen doorway

in those peacock leggings plus
the surprise of a bright red-orange
thick shiny flowing wig

i hang the heavy oven door open
after pulling out the trays
of roasted potatoes
to let the heat tumble and roll
over itself into the kitchen around me

from the water world:

Malaysian youths cool off in a river as schools remain closed due to hazy conditions in Hulu Langat. – voice of america, day in photos


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