where we cocoon

9something a.m.
honna and i calling to each other
through the walls separating
our lairs where we each cocoon
around the warmth of wake

dangling upside down
from the rings in tower grove park
while honna chases tubes
across mowed and littered lawn

you could call it
sasafras acres i say
of the 16 acres
at the edge of spanish lake suburbs
that stoph walks us around
and points to the treelines
that mark the edges of land
the sound of a horse whinny
through the foliage

tyler and i tune into country
for part of the drive and
note several elements of
the formula: a guitar solo
after the second verse and
if you use the word girl
in the song, it must be rhymed
with the word world

fricative i write the word down
and phenome restoration
while someone on npr talks about
building the layers of sound that
became part of the first


from the water world:

Flood waters rise around a title loan store on Garners Ferry Road in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. South Carolina experienced a record rainfall, with at least 11.5 inches falling. – voice of america, day in photos


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