rodeoing our way up

how we start with a strip of paper
fold-tied into a knot
and follow with the layering and then pinching
to make our paper stars

our canoe-on-pond travels
take emory and i to california
where we go to the whale watcher’s cove
and point out the
great blues and megalodon

i’m like the impossibly unpleasable parent
i say in the passenger seat while we
roll under cloudy sky
on county highway v

rodeoing our way up
the steep steep gravel road
signified by an apple-shaped sign
across the highway that fades
a little more each year

at the long dinner table cherie and i
laughing only the way wisconsonites can
about our pronunciations
of the word b-a-g

you dweebs dan kelly addresses
the two seven year olds
and talks to the dogs in pig latin and
calls/screeches out his barred out call/screech
while walking into the light in the barn
to turn it off
to improve the eclipse-viewing experience

a telescope that resembles a small cannon
or a huge firework
trained on the harvest moon
being slowly obscured by
blood veil and we
lean in to look

moon busters dk calls the packs of
black cat firecrackers he hands us
to toss into the bonfire
so that the sound might scare the clouds
out of the blood moon eclipse sky
we need seven people he calls out
seven people for the blood moon summoning ritual


trish reading harry potter outloud
in the big dome tent
in the bright of her headlamp
set on red

when one sleeps out in an apple orchard
in the midst of harvest season
one is woken by the occasional thud-sound
of an apple now and then
falling from branch to ground

sky my ceiling
clouds slow-scatter revealing
the blood veil slowly lifting
itself off moon surface before i
deepdive into fresh-air sleep


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