of sun and more sun

what i guess to be the sound of a combine
is some yellow earth-moving machine
which comes into view as i round
the corner of underpass and wave
to the jeansed sweatshirted sunglasseed driver
as i run into his focus and out again

how is it your voice seems to be made
of sun and more sun i write/ask
across great distances and up elevations
that haven’t been traversed in this month of
your light astounds me


tromboning out the lunch call
on front porch
the sound of most of us who
don’t know how to play
these horns
(take your choice: trumpet
or bugle)
a daily hilarity


dwindling harvests
i collect:
the last of the cucumbers that
never really took off
on the same day i put seeds
(bok choy) in the ground


the comedy of kitten birdie catwell
hunting a grasshopper in the greenhouse
where i un-wind baling twine trellises
and untangle dried plants that tried
so hard for so many weeks


pair of wings found
folded in raised bed i
splay them on dry soil
orange brown black
becoming brittle


unknown how many times
i come around to re-discovering
how song can reset the loop
but i arrived there again this afternoon
singing the song (from james’s mountain mix)
whose every word
i committed to learning last year

it begins:
hang me oh hang me
i’ll be dead and gone
i wouldn’t mind the hanging
it’s the layin in the grave so long
oh boy i been
all around this world

filling a glass of water at the kitchen faucet
(thank you cistern! thank you rain! thank you cistern builders!)
as joseph principessa‘s me on his and trish’s
way out to bbq with dean

how this season
with its mighty moon and
days of shortening sun
have their ways of making me
homesick for casita #3


stitching paper to paper
while parul sehgal
breaks jealousy down like this:

jealousy is a hungry emotion,
it needs to be fed.
what does jealousy like?
jealousy likes information
likes details
likes photos – that’s why instagram is such a hit

jealousy feels intolerable and looks absurd
but at its crux, it’s a quest for knowledge
a quest for truth – painful truth

jealousy reveals us to ourselves

jealousy trains us to look with intensity, but not accuracy
the more intensely jealous we are, the more we become residents of fantasy

jealousy muddles our minds
and once we’re in that sphere, that realm of jealousy
the membrane between what is and what could be can be pierced in an instant

what if jealousy is a matter of geometry
just a matter of where we allow ourselves to stand
in relation to another
then maybe we wouldn’t have to resent somebody’s excellence
then maybe we could align ourselves with it


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