in this drifting

em and i eating the giantest of apples
(light green and blotchy
and the most crisp perfectly not-too-sweet variety)
from our respective seats in the canoe
sun on water on skin on the silver
of the metal boat we are in
and in this drifting/floating
we talk about the varieties of time
that move faster or slower than normal time
(for instance, on-the-water time and fishing time
move twice as slow as normal time
a move, if it’s a good kids movie moves faster
than normal time
though if it’s a boring adult movie
moves slower than normal time)
what about biking time i ask
faster says emory
what about travel time
paddling to pond edge
we rescue at least three bobbers
and two hooks and
one mass of tangled line
and then we journey to the imaginary places of:
1. oregon
2. a forest hike trail
3. a forest – cattail forest

feet covered with
pond edge mudmuck
we walk through the overgrown grove and
emory introduces me to
uncle maple
brother and sister maple
and papa maple


puffs of cattail fluff
illuminated by branch-and-leaf-filtered light
and carried on wind
i tilt my head up
at the sound of a
red tail hawk scream/call
sky-searching i find
the distant distant body
wings spanned
sun glinting through/off wings

liat on the ground holding
jack (the jack russel terrier)
in the gravel road while i
locate the thorn in his paw and
pluck it out

zipper spider
(body as big as the top half
of my thumb)
in web with a tiny zig-zag stretched from zinnia flower to zinnia


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