what our weeks taught us

prairie trail winds around to reveal an
an ivy-covered windmill and
unexpected pond
(signs of some previous dewlling) as i
turn the bend

cicada on gravel path, unmoving
i nudge with bright orange running shoe
for signs of aliveness/deadness


gypsy moth or maybe black witch moth
in the wheelbarrow alongside
wedges of wood colored to match the
symmetrical markings
alline catches it on camera

i invaded your room again
meadoe alerts/informs
after we exchange some sorta smart-ass
lemon san pelligrino
fizz twinkling in aluminum
while i porch perch
erasuring and chomping lunch

alline shows me the
trick her aunt taught me about
how to store an avocado
(wet the napkin
wrap the half-fruit up
then place in fridge)


my feet hooked under jennifer’s tube
to keep this mini-flotilla linked

i twist both strands clockwise
and then twist them counterclockwise together
i explain to trish while making braid-like twists
while she carves wood out the scoop part
of her first spoon
we talk about
what our weeks taught us
like a little polar bear i say
about ragweed the cat who was
the size of a teacup the last time
i saw them

moon sliver huge-ening in
post-sunset dusk while ty and i
head out the the bridge and back


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