to keep out ghosts

in the dream
there was no fuss
over the reunioning
in black tank tops
just a readjustment
to how we touch

gotta go meadoe and i simultaneously joke
insinuating our witchyness when it is revealed
at breakfast about the light blue color of the
interior porch roof and how
it’s supposed to keep out ghosts
and witches

the wind
lofting and lifting layers
and also
whispering my hair
about my face
so that everything itches


alline’s william carlos williams-esque
list-note addressed to franklin d. poet
re: lunch
awaiting me in the wallace stegner room


jordan and i talk dance and writing
while we chop veggies
as the veggies saute and
the rice simmers

the comfort of the clock’s hourly chime
that relies on winding
sometimes heard through the wall
sometimes heard in the same room
from the water world:

Nepalese police use water cannons to disperse Hindu protesters after they tried to enter a restricted area near the Constituent Assembly hall in Kathmandu. Nepal’s Constituent Assembly rejected calls to revert the Himalayan nation back to a Hindu state during voting on a draft of the long-delayed new constitution.
– voice of america, day in photos


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