let it bleed

in the dream
it is unexpected but
shea and i lean
slowly in
alyssa, recounting zane’s response
(about the foot gash acquired at the landfill)
i put some goldenseal and a
band-aid on it
sounds like a song i say
repeating it in rhythm
trish alyssa and i laughing
our way down the pond path
we could teach first aid that way
alyssa joins in with the line
what do you do with a puncture wound?
let it bleed! let it bleed!

remember, we’re trying
to create muscle
memory he says
you’re going to map yourself
you’re giving yourself empirical evidence
so you can know where you are
which the first piece of information
you need when you’re trying to figure out how
to get where you want to go

there are so many refugees
in my head nina says
on the front porch under
the swirling ceiling fan
i feel like i have passed through
a/the first gate i say
(meaning when given the attention
i will cry [surfing the grief seas] through
the entire time
this time, though, i did not)
tomato harvest totaling a gallon or so when
last year at this time
i could easily fill four if not six
5-gallon buckets
and then sweat
hauling them in the cart up the road

reading short bios from
this month’s political prisoner birthday list
to emory (age 7)
including leonard peltier
almost as long as i’ve been alive i say
about how many years
he’s been in prison

i mention the lost sparkle
to rachel who mentions
arizmendi and says yeah (duh)
you’re grieving

how i cover my ears
on the short walk to karma
because the insect buzz/pitch/drone
is too much


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