emory and i in sun/glasses
wearing our tshirts featuring animals in sun/glasses
holding our stuffed animals wearing sun/glasses posing
for the propped up camera
in an off-season xmas card featuring cardinals i write:
for being one of the forces

carrying me and my heart
through this current
transition of breaking open/breaking through
i thank you

sprinkling spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom)
into almond butter cookie dough
after mixing in oat flour
i roll the mix
into small spheres and
crosshatch with thin-tined fork

welcome homo sign
with scribbly heart
and arrows indicating
almond spice and
cocoa almond spice
cookies cooling on wire racks

nina and i cruising into
hazey sun we talk refugees in the
21st century how it is
that we can yoga and pond dip
while bodies of washed up migrant refugees
gather on italian shores
kids too
i want to write but don’t want to turn
content into more content i say and she
shares about her friend who volunteers
providing childcare and leading yoga
with the women at refugee camps scattered
outside of berlin

sunscreen scent rising off
trish’s skin while we perch
couch-side where we are regaled
with tales of a sassafrass chicago grandma

it’s the word cheese that makes me laugh
and then sledge says
there’s an entire book about

how cheese came into being
which makes me keep laughing

for which i am grateful

a lot of times
when money comes
into your life it can
wreck everything around
you she says
even though i’m a double taurus
which means i’m stubborn and
can’t stand change i appreciate
who you were, who you are
and who you will become
you say sometime after i try
to give language to the unmappableness
of the land canyoning around you

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