i ride through

in the dream i am
competing in the water and
simultaneously the coach
something about silver bracelets and
ice cream dripping out the bottom
of a soggy cone right there poolside
(and the reason i know i am the coach
is because someone sitting behind the judges table
calls me so)
at some other point i am maybe
in LA
what i gave up: (to be completed)
what i gained: the long-awaited return of sleepdreams

mica and i pedaling
side by side on county highway
how she moves over for me after
the car behind us passes
we’ve been talking about how
the rainlessness makes the gravel roads
so dusty she asks if we’ve turned on
the irrigation in south garden
plume of smoke spotted
in the southeast
to the rhythmsound of
grassblades against shoes and calves


fingers to neck
on slick-sheen of sweat
after uncountable laps
(enough to fill 25 minutes)
around the frisbee field

sun patch opens up on
gravel road above creek
dusty light, almost pink-gold
i ride through

two scratchy-legged
wild haired
dirty-skinned kiddos
plunked on front porch dog cushion
each with a kitten in their lap

unnamed phenomena: the taking of a picture
or the mental noting of something with the intent of
sharing later with person x
only you’ve dislodged the bridge
that connects you to person x
so the photo or mental note
cannot be sent out on its course
instead, it is relegated to someplace purgatoryish
stored in some betweenland or nothingplace
and something like a ghost
or a haunt is what the span of time is between
the can’t wait to send this sparklyness
and the realization about how that
exchange is no longer yours to access

bb-sized bubbles rising in
glass half gallon
as it fills with
filtered raingathered water

agitated and bummersville reported before
run and bike
feelin alright reported
after run and bike
the magic of motion and our bodies in it i say

somehow sunset that seemed eternally at
8:30pm is now at 7:45


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