as she emeralds

morning cynthia jokes is this the women’s
yoga retreat headquarters while we both approach
the whitehouse with mats under our arms

ian at butcher block pours
gen mai cha into a tall shotglass
and says now it’s mochi time
(talks about how the bitter
of the brings out the sweet
of the glutenous rice with black sesame)
just before she heads out on the
40 mile ride home i appreciate marie’s
consistent quality of presence
open always i say the shine of tears in her eyes

cynthia giving pointers on the
right-angleness of
forearms-to-biceps for a
farewell/so-long tripod headstand
in the sideyard

hummingbird hovering several feet away i freeze
mid-broccoli harvest sending hellos and love
to kate on wings as she emeralds
up and away
(followed later by a similar visit
outside the bike shed where i
patch a flat)

another kind of pride/satisfaction:
somewhere along the line i learned
how to splice wires together which means
i just went in there and fixed that little
bike computer i once got for free meaning
it will once again track miles but not tell me
what time it is because the small button on the
back no longer works


dear fran, dr. mutulu shakur writes
your heart is as big as the missouri sky
at the bottom of a typed/copied letter to
family and friends which includes news
of being considered for release
onto federal parole
i look forward to being reunited with you all
outside of these walls

avoiding the charred/blackened parts
mica and i pick at kettle corn failure part one
while nina lifts stirs the gigantic pot of
tomatoes on the karma kitchen stove

tufts of feathers (black)
accompanied by a chicken head attached
all the way to the neck
littered along the back edge
of the greenhouse/compost pile area