of all the fire

you look tougher than when you
showed up this morning june jokes
about my bloody nosebridge point of 
frisbee-to-face contact
first in the pond
whose waters are cool enough to elicit
a yowl and how my body
cutting through it feels like
all the clear-watered rock-bottom pacific northwest rivers
i’ve ever called home
panic is an indicator (canary in a coalmine)
that there’s something to attend to he says
if your first move is attention to yourself
then your ability to show up for others is
going to blow your mind
wherein marie demonstrates a pop-up
on the porch floor and we can see
the ocean around her

ashby’s paws stepping along my back
and sleepsprawling on my arm
in the orchard where i blanket lounge
in state of emotional spentness/exhaustion
post-lunch and pre-afternoon build (rafters day two)

singing/harmonizing along to
gillian welch (sometimes a voice [mine] with
so much vibrato it sounds
and sometimes feels like crying)
while i shred/chop cabbage, carrots and beets for the salad
and saute onions, garlic, spices, potatos, cabbage, green beans, summer squash and tomatoes into masala
sound of hammering drilling and sawing
in the not so distant side yard

laughing up a list
with annie, ty, and ian
of made up names for the discount foods store
whose actual name (hitchin’ post) i can’t remember:
snack shack
treat street
lasso and luna bars
granola gondola
munchie mansion

snack saloon

bursts of uproarious laughter
rising from screened-in front porch
the word loophole over heard multiple times
(presumably in reference to
ways to work around vows
of celibacy) heard from my
hammock-drape where ashby curls on
my chest and the filling-up moon casts its veil
on my bare limbs
i say it’s been getting cooler
it could be you say because of
all the fire
and best human she says

and the ache/weight of
staring down the same vision
through our very different ways of getting there
(and the ouch of this very particular heart curse
that i haven’t figured out how to navigate with grace)


are willing to tough it out she says
may your sky
i say be a million glimmerings

hijacked by us
she says/observes
which is a great way of saying it though
i might rephrase it: hijacked by you
from the water world:

A boy cools off under a waterfall in Kabul, Afghanistan.  – voice of america, day in photos

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